Local expertise, professional results.

As the UNC College Rental Specialist of Greeley, Colorado, Rent UNC provides a high level of convenience for students who need a home near campus. With our help, UNC students can easily find available rental properties that offer quality and dependability. From one bedroom apartments to ten bedroom properties, we have a number of rental homes to choose from. We pride ourselves on helping each student find the right rental home to suit their needs during the semester or school year. With roughly 185 units to choose from, including single-family residences and apartments, we’re confident that students can find the right rental home to meet their needs. Most of our properties have a convenient location that’s about a block away from the UNC campus.

We encourage UNC students who are looking for a great place to live while they’re attending school to count on us for help. We provide a simple way for them to find the ideal home away from home during school.